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An Interview with Lucinda Ravensburgh

Interviewer: Good day to you all. I’m honoured to be with Lucinda Ravensburgh who is here with me to answer a couple of very important questions.
Lucinda: Thank you for talking to me. Not many people ask my opinion, you know.
Interviewer: Well I for one, value your opinion.
Lucinda: Thank you.
Interviewer: So, without further ado, let’s start this off with a couple of simple questions. Do you like fruit tea?
Lucinda: What?
Interviewer: Fruit tea. Do you like to drink fruit tea?
Lucinda: What type of damned fool question is that? Look I’m a busy woman, I have a tower to sit in.
Interviewer: All right then. What kind of tea do you like?
Lucinda: Better. I’m from the Angles, I like my tea the way nana made it. Black leaf tea, hot and strong, with fresh milk, and sugared. Milk first because we have good quality teacups here.
Green leaf tea can also be pleasant, but it is served without milk and is just insipid. We call it weak tea. And they often add dead plants to it, like jasmine and peony, all sorts. But I guess the tea needs all the help it can get to taste good.
Interviewer: And fruit tea?
Lucinda: Do you want to go there? I’ll call for Ascara.
Interviewer: Perhaps not.
Lucinda: Fruit flavoured tea is acceptable, but when you just add hot water to a pile of miscellaneous plant leftovers, that’s not a tea. Not a tea at all.
Interviewer: An infusion then?
Lucinda: If you must. After all, there is no tea in it, so an infusion sounds better than a cup of vaguely flavoured hot water. But not my cup of tea, not my cup of tea at all.

A Touch of Truth Book One: Raven, Fire & Ice is now available through all good book stores, like Amazon, bella, Barns & Noble. Here you will meet Lucinda Ravensburgh and I have thought to include a few words.

The interviewer wishes to remain anonymous, just in case.


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