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Bite me

From the charismatic and sophisticated vampire to the comedic and the ridiculous, our lust for the vampire is enduring. The vampire has always inhabited the darker corner of our mind, where we store all the things that we fear as unknown and sometimes just different. The lesbian vampire has even more appeal; they not only stand at the edge of societal conventions, by drinking blood and stalking the night, they stand aside at the edges of sexual convention too. These bad girls break taboos faster than I can break a nail, but if you are to break one, then you might as well break another.

In recent times vampires have become normalised and almost every day occurrences. Every high school has them, but for me, Vampires should be the old school stay out of the light kind. A vampire does not follow the whimsies of the day people, and why should they? They are superior. They live longer, are stronger, have finer senses, and appetites to match. You can give a vampire a little heart, but at the end of the day they are blood sucking hunters, and they can turn whenever the mood takes them.

More darkness than light, their rules are not the same as those that control the mundane world. In "27 days" I wanted the vampire to take away some of that sweetness. A little darkness maybe, but not too much if the vampire is central. Fear the vampire, but feel for them as the lost and tragic soul that they are, but run away if you can, because you are just dinner.

Well, not all humans. Some are special. The soul of these people is all bright and shiny, and they are immensely attractive to those vampires who care to see. Like drugs, they are addictive and irresistible. Mary is such a bright light and Sarah just can't resist. I like these two and there is so much more that they can do, together. I hope that their world does not end with this. In fact, I am not sure that I can let them go. Not yet.

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