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Cure me? I don't think so!

Enlightenment is not always an obvious trait in the modern world. Take iTunes and Google, for instance, who still think that it is permissible to promote apps that allegedly cure homosexuality.

"Setting Captives Free," available in both the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores, meant to teach you how to stop being gay. It's a 60-day course that tells gay people they are not "born this way" and offers to help them find "freedom from the bondage of homosexuality."
I understand that both Apple and Google have policies against this sort of thing, but they are obviously not paying much attention if they allow them through. The latest is that after much pressure iTunes have removed the app, and we should be thankful that they do respond to pressure. At the same time, why do we need to apply pressure with regards to topics that they should police themselves? Such apps should not be allowed into the public domain, never mind anything else, and the fact that it requires pressure from the public does not inspire confidence.
To get it shifted please sign now and tell them to drop this and all other gay 'cure' apps!

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