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Getting published

As anyone will tell you, getting published is not so easy. There is the self-publishing route, and although there is nothing wrong with that, it didn’t appeal to me. I think I just wanted someone to say, “Hey, I like what you’ve written.” A bit of ego then.
It’s not just about getting published either, it’s about getting the publisher that offers the best fit. Most lesbian publishers focus on straightforward contemporary romance. Sometimes they off a little historical romance, or a little romance with mystery or crime added.
Get the picture? Romance is alive and well.
What I write, is, well, it's whatever takes my fancy. If you wanted to put a label on it, and by gad, we need those tags, then I sit in Speculative fiction.
Soeculative fiction includes the paranormal, horror, vampires, shape shifters,  mystical fables both dark and brooding or magical and light, and of course space ships and ray guns.  Pretty much anything that isn't normal. Welcome to my world! My library shelves are filled with all manner of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. This realm of my imagination is a strange place and that is where I like to spend my free time.
Finding a publisher who looked at a broader range of styles was a problem, but when I found Regal Crest I could not have been happier. Here was a publisher who not only accepted Science fiction, but had a science fiction imprint and an imprint for mystical or paranormal stories. Brilliant. Just to make sure we ordered “Partners” by Melissa Good and enjoyed that so much that we read Part two as well. We have also read two books by SY Thompson, just to make sure. We loved them all, and finally, a place that looked like I would fit.
I submitted “Knight’s Sacrifice” as soon as I could and it was accepted. Thanks to Regal Crest, you should be able to read the whole book in February 2017. It seems like such a long way off, but once the editing starts I am sure the time will fly by.

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