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On this day, 21st May 2013 the Gay Marriage Bill passed through the UK Parliament relatively unscathed. Despite some objection from some Tories, the majority voted it through. Of course, that doesn't mean that we can go ahead, there are still some troubles ahead. The reading in the House of Lords, for example, might slow things down, but Prime Minister David Cameron hopes to see Gay Marriages as early as next summer. That would be fabulous.

My partner and I have a civil partnership, and although it is a marriage in pretty much every way except name, it still isn't a marriage in title. We were always pleased to have at least some standing in law, and it is reassuring to see matters progressing in the right direction. It has taken too long, when there are other countries like who have gay marriage long before us. Better, I suppose to get there late rather than not at all.

What is more surprising, is the fact that it is a Conservative government that is bringing in the changes. Wonders will never cease.

Of course religion must raise its head. The church/religious aspect is, in my mind unresolved, and although I cannot claim to understand or follow the twists and turns involved, it still feels wrong.  If the church cannot accept me or my partner then I have no recourse but to ignore the church in all that it does and says. In one sense I don't really care about whether we can or cannot have a religious ceremony, but it does bother me that an institution can be exempt from the power of the law. On that basis we are still far short of equality. Those of faith, whatever that faith may be, are not being supported at this time, but I hope, once we have stepped further down the road, that the law will do what is right and grant equality for all, at all times, and in every place.
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As an aside, it took a long while for UK law to make it possible for civil partnerships, but when  they did they retrospectively amended the marriage certificate to the day of the civil partnership.

We were civil partnered for eight years before the change and with the stroke of a pen the civil partnership became an eight year marriage.
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