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Speculative Fiction Author Nita Round
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The state funeral of princess Olivia at Port Ruth sees the end of the threat of the Mistress of night. Yet, as they attend the grandest of ceremonies the threat of destruction continues. Magda, Ascara and Lucinda discover the secrets of Port Ruth. Secrets which could be the death of them all.

Yet they escape and return to Ama’Rica where Lucinda and Ascara discover who they are, their heritage, and who they can be. Magda does not wish to face her own destiny, yet it is vital to them all. She must travel north, visit the lands of ice and floe, and discover such revelations they will shake her to the core.

Can Magda accept herself and be true enough to be all she was born to be?
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A Touch of Truth Book Three:
Captain, Ice and Floe

Coming  2019
Regal Crest - Silver Dragon Books

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Airship, time and ice

Steampunk fantasy adventure series

Fountain pen with wings
Speculative Fiction Author Nita Round
Fountain pen with wings