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Drum Banging and Trumpet Blowing

I am mostly quiet, but that's probably true of many writers. Long hours staring at the tools of the trade are not good for improving social skills. Social media also brings out a different side to  the personality, for me, the long I spend out there the more frivilous I become. It's fun!

When I get to know people, and when the wheels of conversation have been well lubricated, then I am a different person. A bottle of wine is the trick, and the finer the wine the better it is.

Unfortunately, being a writer is no longer a quiet, hide in small room at the back of the house, kind of profession. We are supposed to market ourselves, to get out there and be seen. Seen? The last time that I wanted to be seen I was wearing a luminescent orange coat as I took my bicycle through the Staffordshire countryside.  The very thought of self promotion fills me not only with dread, but an overwhelming desire to hide in a bomb shelter until I'm forgotten. Of course that would not be good marketing, and I know, no one will know what I write if I don't shout loud enough to be heard.

As a compromise, here I am, telling you I am here. I am no drum banger, nor the loudest trumpet blower, but give me a chance. I will put pen to paper and I will tell you a story.

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