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Meant to be

I don’t write a blog very often, and I suppose that’s only because I spend such a lot of time on various social media platforms. That said, this last year has been a rather busy one. Three novels published, and a forth on the way (“A Touch of Truth Book One: Raven, Fire and Ice”) and is due for release in about 6 -8 weeks or so. I’m excited about this story, and I can’t wait to see the response.
Most time consuming of all, we sold our house and started the very dreary process of finding a new home. We found a perfect little bungalow (single story house) with large garden and vegetable plot in a small village. We moved into temporary accommodation. Many thanks must be extended to my sister for allowing us to stay in the granny annexe whilst we finalised the purchase of a new house. Whilst there we didn’t have a computer, because we were due to stay only a short while until purchase went through. We used our small tablets, but mobile coverage could best be described as weak and sporadic.
Then it went belly up. Problems arose with the property, we spent a lot of money on searches and tests and then it all fell through. Months had passed and now we no longer had anywhere to go. Back to the internet we went to look. And there, a new house had just come to market and this little gem was desperately in need of a bit of TLC. In fact, the purchase went through very fast and 4 weeks later we had the keys.
Did I mention it needed TLC? By this I mean it needed a complete overhaul.  Like rewiring, replumbing, new heating, new windows, new kitchen (still waiting for that one), decorating, the walls ripped out and insulation added, walls to be plastered, new roof in parts and pretty much everything had to be done. It is an exciting and frustrating time, especially when a house needs gutting. But it is the best thing that ever happened. I can honestly admit that it has been exciting to unpack some of the boxes too. I’ve even found some books! Well a few. And every time I unpack a box of these little gems I share my discovery on Facebook. There are many more boxes yet to unpack, but I am hopeful. Now we are getting settled in, and although there are things to do, I can reflect on this last year with the balance that comes of temporal distance. Just because something looks perfect, doesnít mean it is. Iíd also add that sometimes bad things happen for a reason

If karma is kicking you in the ass it is not to make you suffer. This is a gentle push along a different and better path. Thatís all. You just have to listen.


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