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Top Ten!

A Touch of Truth Book One: Raven, Fire & Ice is now available through all good book stores, like Amazon, bella, Barns & Noble. It has only been available for a couple of months, but it seems to be exceeding all of my expectations.

I haven't been published for long, other than a few short stories, and my first novel was released only just last year. Since then, I have published a few books, and Truth One, is my fourth novel.  Popularity doesn't happen over night, so when something happens, it becomes one of those milestones I will never forget.

Here are Mine:

Into the top twenty!

It didn't stop there though. After falling out of the charts it raced back in again the following week.

Into the top ten!

And most wished for

And yes, Lucinda had her tea, pink, and served desert fashion. I had a glass of wine, or three.
This choked me up, so I have a few glasses of wine.
Thank you all for your support, I really do appreciate it all.


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