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Pink Tea Books
Speculative Fiction Author Nita Round
Fountain pen with wings
Souls escaping mountain
In the shadows, treachery and betrayal grow unseen.
The state funeral of Princess Olivia at Port Ruth marks the end of the Mistress of the night. Yet, as Lucinda, Magda and Ascara attend this grand ceremony, a storm of secrets and lies emerge from the shadows and threatens to destroy them all.

Even when they make their way home, peace and safety are still not theirs. Malice and betrayal, hidden and out of sight, finds them. The shadows reach out and engulf them in a storm of darkness and pain. For the trinity of Raven, Fire and Ice, there can be only one way forward, but at what price?

A Touch of Truth Book Three: Raven, Storm and Shadow

Steampunk fantasy adventure series

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Speculative Fiction Author Nita Round