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Missing people, a bloody crime scene, an ancient prophecy.


Lucinda lives in a tower. She sees the truth in everything she touches.


Madga is the captain of the airship Verity and member of a secret order. She wants to bring calm to a chaotic world.


Ascara, a warrior whose wits are as sharp and deadly as her weaponry skills.


When the latest disappearance of people in mysterious circumstances leaves behind a bloody crime scene, Madga Stoner is determined to find answers. She seeks specialist help from Lucinda Ravensburgh. 


Lucinda Ravensburgh has spent most of her life in a tower, using her gift of psychometry to unlock secrets that others prefer to remain hidden. When asked for help, Lucinda cannot refuse. From that moment on, her life is changed forever. She discovers, no matter what the obstacle, nor the troubles they encounter, finding the truth is paramount.


With the help of Ascara, warrior and fellow order member, the trio investigate the unexplained disappearances.  Their investigation leads them down a path littered with lies, deception, betrayal and dark forces.


Wise birds whisper, Rage of fire, Strength of Ice”.


This fantasy adventure novel is the first in the Towers of the Earth series.

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A Touch of Rage


As foretold, the Trinity of Truth must finally face the Mistress of the Night.

Lucinda, Ascara, and Magda have survived several dangerous encounters with the various agents of Sh'Na. It is time for them to brave the beast herself in the pyramid from Lucinda's dreams.

Magda, however, has met this Queen of the Desert before. Now her past history has risen to confront her with the evidence of her mistakes, and brings new dangers to the trinity. Although she can draw strength from her bonds with Lucinda and Ascara, she fears that even the power of the three of them will not be enough to withstand Sh'Na's evil.

But there is more to face than just the desert beast. There are other dangers directed at the three women, and they must act with care and forethought, or be caught in the traps of others.

From the city of Port Ruth, their troop travels into the burning lands of sand and sun, where they will face Sh’Na in a battle for more than their lives. Failure will mean the end of the world as they know it. Success will bring a new truth, and the revelation of a new path for all three of them.

The trinity must continue to work together, not only to save the world, but also the very nature of time itself. 

When the Hours are true, the gates of time will open”.

In the end, will the trinity prevail? Or will darkness rise again?



This is the second in the Towers of the Earth series fantasy adventure. 



Originally released as Raven, Sand and Sun in 2018.

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